How to Get Scholarships From Al Azhar Cairo

Searching for information and ways to get a scholarship at Al Azhar Cairo will help you prepare carefully. The Scholarship Program of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia is always available every year. As with other scholarship programs, you must apply and follow the selection process.

You can use this teaching assistance program if you are a high school, masters or Islamic boarding school graduate for undergraduate studies in Cairo. As a cooperation program between the Indonesian government and the Egyptian government, the Ministry of Religion will carry out a selection process.

The results of the MOU about How to Get Scholarships from Al Azhar Cairodum between Al-Azhar University and the Indonesian government were marked by the signatures of the Indonesian Minister of Religion and the Grand Shaykh Azhar. For every prospective Indonesian student who wants to study at Al-Azhar University, they can take advantage of this scholarship opportunity to participate in the entrance selection.

Participants applying for the scholarship program must take a test of ability in academic fields by reading the Quran and memorizing and learning to understand Arabic.

Advantages of Al Azhar Cairo Scholarship

Finding information about scholarships at Al Azhar Cairo is important because you can receive a lot of benefits if you get the educational assistance. In addition to being entitled to full tuition, dorm facilities as well as pocket money every month.

If you wish to participate in this scholarship program, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete the application form completely and correctly
  • Please provide two recent passport photos, 3×4 size, photos must be in color
  • Include a legalized high school diploma/MA/Islamic boarding school document. The age of the diploma is not more than two years. You must also attach a graduation certificate from the home school if the official diploma has not been issued.
  • Identity card or student card.
  • Documents in accordance with the requirements that you must present at the place of registration, namely on paper during the selection phase. The time is usually determined by the institution.
  • Follow the entire selection process according to the application location informed.
  • Participants who pass the first stage must apply for a passport because passports take a long time to complete.

Scholarship Application Internship

If you have found information on how to get a scholarship at Al Azhar Cairo and mentioned if the program is currently available, you should apply immediately. Do not miss this opportunity as it is very interesting for educational experience later.

The registration process is also quite easy, namely through online registration. These scholarships are typically available with a suggested application in mid-May. The application process also asks fellows to choose which location to choose when participating in the selection process. The selection process usually takes place at the end of May.

In the selection process, you, as a candidate for a scholarship, must take two types of exams. The first exam is a written exam, while the second exam is an oral exam.

When taking the written exam, some of the materials you should learn are Arabic and Islamic Religious Knowledge. Questions in the form of text, Insya’ and grammar. As for the written test, it is Arabic.

You also have to take an oral exam, where the examiners will test your ability to use Arabic. For example, reading two judges from Al-Quran, memorizing or also using conversational Arabic, understanding the Arabic text and knowing what the translation is.

This is complete information on how to get a scholarship at Al Azhar Cairo. With all the rigorous selections, you can definitely succeed in getting the educational assistance program if you prepare in advance.

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