What comes to mind when you hear about studying in England? Perhaps this is the first time you are imagining the city of London as a study destination, right? London is indeed one of the destinations for many international students from all over the world, unfortunately the cost of living in London is quite high. But don’t worry because England isn’t just London, you know. You can choose some of the following cities and universities to fulfill your dream of studying in the UK. Before that, let’s take a look at what degree programs are most in demand in the UK and what university options are available!

The best and most in-demand courses in the UK

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Graduates in this field are in high demand by companies around the world and in the UK courses such as medicine and dentistry, computer science and marine biology are in high demand as the UK is a country that has produced many research innovations for hundreds of years in science and engineering and medicine and technology. The best campuses for this field in the UK are the University of Cambridge, the University of Bristol and the University of Coventry.

economics and administration

Business administration is a subject related to other fields of study such as finance, administration, accounting and economics. This course is a popular course with students from all over the world including the UK. Because the UK is the world’s leading global financial centre. Some universities in the UK where you can study Business and Administration are University of Manchester, University of Aston and University of Leeds


As a country with a lot of world history, Great Britain is the right choice to study law. Basically, most of the social sciences come from England, including law. For that reason, you might consider some of these law schools, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and University of Durham.

art and design

Everyone will agree on British charm, which is aesthetically pleasing and has many angles to inspire artists. Because of this, England has become one of the most popular destinations to study art and design. You could consider some of these universities, the University of Leeds, the University of Oxford and the University of Newcastle

Other cities besides London to study in UK

To broaden your horizons for studying in England, let’s try to see which other cities in England differ from London as an educational destination. They’re all equally good, you know, because basically England is one of the most educated countries in the world.


Bristol is located in South West England on the River Avon. The city is home to the University of Bristol, one of Britain’s most popular and successful institutions. The university is ranked 60th in the world and top 10 in the UK according to the QS World Rankings 2019


This historic city in England has become one of the top choices for international students to continue their studies. You can cool off by strolling through museums, 18th-century Industrial Revolution buildings, or attending social events and classical theater. Do you want to study here? You can choose from the University of Birmingham, Birmingham City University, Aston University or South and City College Birmingham


When you hear the word Manchester, you might immediately think of one of the greatest football clubs in the world. The city is actually quite lively, but not as lively as London. Many famous concerts are often held in this city. And it turns out a lot of Indonesian citizens are migrating here, you know. Your university is of course the University of Manchester. The campus is ranked 55th globally and 8th in the UK in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.


The home town of the legendary band The Beatles is one of Merseyside’s major cities and one of England’s leading cities as an example of England’s best trading port according to UNESCO. Liverpool has always been a busy city with a vibrant cultural centre, I think it will be fun to study here. The University of Liverpool can be a study option as it is one of the top universities that focuses on intensive research.


Coventry is a city in the West Midlands, near the Warwickshir region?

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