For students of the last semester, the internship is an important activity that should not be underestimated. Because with an internship you can immediately enter the world of work with fellow professionals to add insights and discover new knowledge that you do not get in the classroom. You can also add something to your network of connections, which is very useful for paving your way into a career. Especially if you decide to do an internship abroad. Of course, this opens up more opportunities for you to have a world-class career. One of the favorite countries for international students to do an internship abroad is Canada.

Most Canadian institutions have a system called cooperative education, a structured way of combining classroom education with hands-on work experience. This allows the student to experience a special semester to become a paid laborer, and this cycle can be repeated several times until graduation. How are the details? Come on, see more!

Reasons to do an internship in Canada

Keep an honest and open attitude

Canada has a slightly different work culture than Indonesia. In Indonesia, most people are diplomatic so as not to hurt other colleagues, unlike Canada, which forces us to be honest and open. It certainly reduces the stress in the office because you don’t have to harbor any problems. Of course, you should always express your opinion politely.

Equality Status

Even in Canada, everyone in the office has the same status as people. Therefore, the view of status and position in Canadian offices is probably more relaxed than in Indonesia.

Open with new ideas

For those recent graduates whose soul is still passionate and passionate about innovation, Canada is the right place to start your career. Because here we really welcome new ideas and innovations, whether or not the idea comes from a newbie! This culture allows many companies and organizations to grow and evolve in a better direction.

International work experience

In this era of globalization, many companies have business relationships with foreign companies. Therefore, they also need employees who can work in a multinational environment and who can adapt to the culture and customs of other countries. This ties in well with the internship opportunities in Canada that are open to international students. Imagine being able to gain work experience, build relationships, and expand your world-class knowledge at the same time. There are also several universities that offer 24-month internships, you know! Wow, this is really nice to have in your portfolio.

How to Apply for an Internship Program in Canada

Most co-operative institutions offer it as an option to their regular curriculum. These admissions can be competitive as long as candidates demonstrate high academic achievement and pass certain interviews. Oftentimes, most co-op electives allow students to enter the fall of their sophomore year so that the students selected first get a solid foundation in their freshman year.

To participate in this program, international students can apply for an internship permit if they meet the following criteria:

Have a valid study permit

The total duration of the internship must not exceed 50% of the study programme.

Work experience is required to complete the program

Received a letter from a Canadian educational institution confirming that all students enrolled in the program must complete their cooperative studies in order to graduate

International students wishing to participate in cooperative education programs must apply for a joint work or internship permit prior to arrival, upon receipt of a study permit, or upon arrival approval to begin an internship.

Types of Internships Available in Canada

There are two types of internships available in Canada:

Cooperative education:

Combine classroom learning with practical work experience. The specific number of job requirements students must complete depends on their program. For programs of two years or more, the student must devote the equivalent of 30% of his teaching time to his work. For programs of two years or less, they are expected to spend 25%.

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