Pursuing higher education abroad is an expensive proposition and students are constantly looking for universities that offer the best value for money on their tuition fees. It is all the more important to find a university with low tuition fees if you are taking out a loan to finance your education.
There are hundreds of universities in the United States with tuition ranging from a few thousand dollars at some colleges to hundreds of thousands of dollars at some private Ivy League schools. Below is a list of the cheapest universities in the US for international students. The list of cheap colleges for international students is based on tuition only and does not take into account other costs such as room and board.
The United States remains one of the most popular travel destinations for college students. In fact, about 1.1 million international people were enrolled in US universities and colleges in the 2019-2020 academic year, according to the Migration Policy Institute.
However, the United States is not exactly cheap. The tuition fees in the United States that must be covered while studying at a top-notch institution exceed $50,000 or even $70,000 per year. Should you give up your dream of studying here? There are several American universities that offer affordable—even free—tuition for international students.


The list is calculated by first looking at US School News and World Report lists in the United States with the highest percentage of international students and then calculating each school’s adjusted average rate. The list is displayed by geographic area. The “adjusted” tuition fee is calculated by subtracting the average of each school’s scholarships and grants from the cost of elementary education. The amount used for the aid package includes, on average, only financial aid (scholarships and grants) from the institution itself (since federal and state aid is not specific to schools and is not given to international students) and not loans. Private schools tend to be more expensive and generally offer higher aid packages. Therefore, offers a matched level of tuition for individuals vs. public. They may also provide information about what to expect if you have financial needs and/or qualify for merit grants. Not all schools offer programs to support international students, so this is highlighted when schools offer exceptional funding opportunities for international students.

America’s most affordable universities and colleges for international students

  • Brigham Young University
  • Oriental University of New Mexico
  • Bridgewater State University
  • State University of Minnesota
  • Southwest Minnesota State University
  • Bemidji State University
  • western university of michigan
  • State University of Arkansas
  • University of Northern Alabama
  • Purdue University – Northwest

How international students get cheap tuition fees

If you look at the universities on this list, you might notice that they are not in big cities, nor are they big, reputable, well-known Ivy League universities. as they seem to exist on the east and west coasts, but many students like the slower pace and friendly community they find. Because schools are located in parts of the country where the cost of living is lower, the educational experience tends to be much more affordable. “Because colleges tend to be in smaller communities and students are in areas full of other students, the adjustment period is not only easier, it’s also much less expensive.

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