Abroad, there are many opportunities to get involved in your university’s student community. For example, in the UK you can join clubs and societies to meet new people and try out your interests and hobbies. In the United States you can do the same, but they are more commonly referred to as sororities and fraternities. You may have seen or heard of this in movies or television shows set in the United States where college students party with other sorority or fraternity members. In this article, we explore five reasons why you should join a sorority or fraternity while studying in the United States.

What is a sorority or fraternity?

First, what do the terms fraternity and fraternity mean? The student union is a type of college organization at American universities. It can also be called “home”. The members of these houses are known as “sisters” or “brothers”.

These groups also often have Greek or Latin names such as Alpha Phi Delta or Alpha Delta Gamma, historically chosen to reflect academic and scientific intent. Students from sororities and fraternities come together for a variety of events, activities, social gatherings, and fundraising for charities.

Perceptions of sororities and fraternities are mixed, as some see them as old-fashioned and traditional. However, depending on your perspective, there are benefits to joining a sorority or fraternity, namely:

1.Acquire leadership skills

There are many ways to become a leader in a society or community. At any official party, event or charity, members are encouraged to step in and take on additional responsibilities that benefit their CV. Employers often look for candidates who have demonstrated leadership experience. In fact, effective leaders are good at communicating, making decisions, leading teams of people, and managing projects independently.

Regardless of your personality, extrovert or introvert, you can always learn leadership skills while working on the behind-the-scenes events of your sorority or fraternity. You may need to ask someone at home how to get involved as they may not immediately think of asking you.

2.Find friends

This is perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to join a sorority or fraternity. When you start studying, especially in another country, you may meet very few people or none at all. By joining a sorority or fraternity, you join many students who are also eager to make new friends. Because sororities and fraternities are often very close-knit groups, bonds are easily formed. It’s often said that being part of a sorority or fraternity is like being part of a family, which is the kind of connection you miss the most as an international student. These groups also typically consist of hundreds of students, giving you plenty of opportunities to meet like-minded people.

3.Improve your career prospects

Joining a sorority or sorority shows dedication, commitment, loyalty, and philanthropy. These traits are highly desirable for any type of business looking to hire a trustworthy individual. It also shows that you can manage your time effectively because you have balanced your academic activities with extracurricular activities.

You’re also working on a project that gives back to the community. It reflects their core values ​​and is something employers who also care about involving the local community can look for.

While grades are important, employers also want to see that you’re a well-balanced person with different interests and life skills. For example, working with others and problem solving are key skills you will learn if you are part of a sorority or fraternity organizing events and social gatherings. Find out what skills other employers expect from graduates.


Finding a job after college can be difficult, especially when you enter a competitive field. One of the best ways to get papers is through the internet. Ask people you know about the industry you want to get into as they may have advice based on their own application experience. In a fraternity or sorority, you can ask older members about internship opportunities and their plans for the future. You never know, someone might know someone who has heard about a job opening at the company you want to work for. Talking to others and finding out more about their career aspirations is also a good way to think about your own goals.

5.Get academic support

Despite their party reputation, sororities and fraternities also require their members to maintain a specific GPA. This means that in one of the houses you still have to study and work hard, you can’t just focus on your extracurricular activities. If you need assistance, you should contact older members of your fraternity or fraternity who have been to the same place as you. It is also likely that at least one other person is studying the same course as you, so try to contact these people to arrange study sessions.

Some of the US universities that operate sororities and fraternities:

  • Northeast University
  • Florida Institute of Technology
  • State University of Iowa
  • University of North Texas
  • How to join a group or community

First, you need to make sure that your university has sororities and fraternities, as not all institutions do. Once you arrive on campus, you can sign up for a tour of the house to learn more about them. There are also “sisters” and “brothers” events organized in your area where you can register your interests and clear any doubts. If you are successful, you will receive offers from clubs or fraternities. You then have to accept the offer and enter into a contract period, which can be seen as a trial period while you adjust to life at home. You can also get a mentor to help you adjust.

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