5 unique facts about the Japanese educational system

Japan is a country that has a lot of unique features, one of which is that this country is a dream for many people to visit. The diversity of this culture is still immense and can make people want to know this one country.

The unique culture of the Japanese is very interesting to learn about. Especially when it comes to the education system in this country. Education is one of the most important things for a nation.

Japan is very possible to use as an example in the implementation of the education system, but the habits of this society are very different, which makes it not easy to emulate.

Here are some unique facts about the school system in Japan:

  1. Students clean up the school without the help of the police

The first unique thing about the educational system in Japan is that the students clean the school without the help of a guardian. Students at this Japanese school learn independence from an early age by cleaning the school.

Students are responsible for cleaning the classrooms and dining hall as well as the restrooms. This education system is believed to be able to teach students to help each other as well as work in teams.

  1. Eat in class with the teacher

Another unique aspect of the school system in Japan is that students eat with the teacher in class. What will normally be seen are teachers and students in separate rooms and rarely seen talking except during lessons.

However, it will be different in Japan with this one. This system is called an education system that has the ability to help build positive student-teacher bonds. During lunch, these conversations will help build a family atmosphere in the classroom.

  1. Wear school uniforms

The next thing about the school system in Japan is that you have to wear a school uniform. For school uniforms, of course, each country will vary. Students in Japan are required to wear a uniform to school.

This uniform policy is implemented in almost all middle schools in Japan. These uniforms allow students’ attention to be channeled into learning and growth in order to help children pursue methods of self-expression other than clothing. It is intended to introduce that students wear the same clothes and become one of the same classes.

  1. Attend after-school workshops

These after school or preschool workshops are very popular in Japan. Students learn new subjects outside of school, private lessons are held in the evenings, and many of these Japanese students pursue them in order to get into high school successfully.

Interestingly, students in Japan study during vacations or weekends. Although Japanese is the most commonly used basic language, it is considered essential for their language proficiency.

  1. Laboratory hours

If you have studied engineering, you will be amazed at the Japanese lab culture. For example, in the Testing Laboratory, each student or student always arrives disciplined and on time and will not leave the lab unless his work is completed or there is an urgent need.

So much so that Japan has hitherto been known for its excellent work ethic, and for the world of engineering, the world of cherry blossoms is undisputed. If you want to study engineering, there is nothing wrong with choosing Japan for study

These are some of the unique things about the school system in Japan. Japan is a country with unique diversity. Imitating ethics to improve the educational system in our own country is not wrong.

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