6 Best Universities for Masters of Management in UK

Studying for a Masters of Management (MiM) in the United Kingdom (UK) or Ireland can be a rewarding experience for many students. There are many business schools in the UK and Ireland that offer MiM programmes. In this article we will cover some of the best universities in the UK for a Masters in Management.

Why Masters in UK

British universities are among the most respected in the world, and with good reason. Some of the most respected research in the world takes place at UK universities, which regularly feature in international rankings. While studying in the UK you can thrive in a highly multicultural environment with great opportunities to pursue a profitable career after graduation. Teaching in the UK is designed to encourage the generation of new ideas, individual inquiry and group collaboration through classroom discussion and creative work.

Masters in Management in the UK

Master in Management, or MiM, is an advanced university degree that provides general management and organizational knowledge. More recently, the MiM has emerged as an affordable alternative to the Master of Business Administration (MBA) for graduates from various disciplines with little or no professional work experience who are looking to transition into a career in management.

MiM degrees are offered as a Master of Science or even Master of Arts and focus more on theoretical knowledge than the average MBA. However, the university also focuses on the training of relevant management skills such as analysis, leadership and communication skills.

The most common MiM paths include topics such as general business management, operations management, corporate finance, marketing analysis, entrepreneurship and innovation, performance management systems, and more. During the course, students are familiarized with various management and software practices as well as with marketing strategies in a national or international context.

Graduates of the Master of Management enjoy diverse career opportunities in different fields and industries such as marketing, accounting and finance, human resources, healthcare, supply chain management, consulting, public administration and others. They can work as marketing managers, account managers, financial analysts, budget strategists, management consultants, investment brokers and more.

  • List of Best Universities in UK for Masters in Management:

ESCP Business School

This two-year, full-time Master of Science program in General Management offers the opportunity to study in up to four countries, with options ranging from ESCP’s six European campuses to its more than 120 partners worldwide.

London Business School, University of London

London Business School is consistently ranked among the best in the world for the quality of its Masters, MBA and EMBA programs and is ranked fifth in the QS Global EMBA Rankings 2020® for its reputation for leadership, research initiatives and graduate employability. Its graduates are among the most employable in the world.

University of Bath

It is one of the UK’s leading business schools. Ranked 1st in Marketing, 3rd in Business and Management Studies and 3rd in Accounting and Finance. The University of Bath also has a five-year EQUIS accreditation. Only 1% of business schools achieve this.

Imperial College Business School

The MSc Master of Management is a challenging program that prepares you for a variety of careers in the competitive management services industry. The distinctive combination of business-oriented learning curriculum incorporates theory and its application to practice through hands-on case studies and hands-on assignments involving companies and other external institutions.

University of Westminster

You will examine the processes and practices of other organizations through the analysis of real case studies that will help you understand why organizations have succeeded or failed over the years. They have access to a variety of electronic and online media resources, as well as traditional face-to-face classes and opportunities to learn from one another.

University of Durham

Your master’s program regularly appears in leading independent rankings for quality and reputation. Taught by world-class faculty and supported by internship-level research

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