Pros and cons people with development in aspects of education and social acceptance

Children with developmental deficiencies or development in development face various challenges in living their lives.

In fact, according to a psychologist from the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) tri puspitarini, there are still pros and cons that one of them arises from the aspect of education.

According to TRI, several things included in the accountant category for children with developmental deficiencies are:

  • There are many school residents who reject the existence of students with disabilities to attend school in the same place as their children.
  • Itize there are those who see students with disabilities as disorders and potentially harm their children, so they are concerned that students with disabilities mingle in public schools.
  • To many schools (especially private schools) that do not want to declare inclusion schools because the inclusion label is still negatively seen by the community, so that this has an impact on the decline in the number of students who want to register.
  • The evaluation of new students’ admissions is intended for the “selection” that will eliminate the presence of students with the development of disabilities in public schools.

Meanwhile, some things included in the pro category are:

  • Support to the government has increased in relation to the aspect of the availability of inclusion schools. (Support to Policy) Law No.20 of 2003 Article 15 concerning the National Education System and Law No.20 Article 32 referring to Special Education.

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