What do you think of when you think of the medical profession? Sure, it looks representative, noble and offers promising career prospects. Although it costs a lot of money and the struggle to acquire knowledge is not easy to get a medical degree, medical school is still in demand by many students from all over the world including Indonesia. Medical candidates should receive the best education and have extensive knowledge, which prompts many students to pursue their medical studies abroad. For those considering studying medicine abroad, Hotcourses Indonesia has compiled information on the best medical universities in the UK that might be an option for you. But first, why do you need to study medicine in England?

Why study medicine in England?

Medicine has been taught at English universities since the 13th century. Since then, the UK has had state-of-the-art medical knowledge and an approach to teaching clinical skills that is recognized around the world. One can also count on the secular development of the medical world in England, during which several innovations were found. From vaccines, medicines, technology in the healthcare world and much more. This is why UK postgraduate medical students are in high demand as they have internationally recognized qualifications. You can study over 60 medical specialties in the UK. Through clinical research-based training in collaboration with many world-class companies, you will find it easier to access knowledge supported by multiple state-of-the-art facilities.
Best Medical Universities in UK

While there are many national universities that have medical programs no less prestigious, there are still many potential Indonesian students considering foreign medical programs where university rankings are, on average, better. For that, you still need to think seriously before you start choosing the best university to study medicine. This is the first part of planning your future education.

Oxford Medical School, University of Oxford

The university is ranked second best in the world for medical programs according to QS World University Rankings. Medical education on this campus lasts about 6 years. The first three years are for the pre-clinical phase, followed by a clinical phase for the next three years. The Oxford School of Medicine is known for its curriculum which tends to be more progressive and practical. Oxford Medical School’s teaching methods focus on developing the student experience through direct interaction with patients. Students are also trained to conduct basic scientific research that can support medical science.

University of Cambridge

The curriculum at the University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine focuses more on clinical skills, communication, attitude and good medical practice. So, as a medical student at Cambridge, you can experience a variety of unique medical courses, as well as the opportunity to participate in projects and research. Like Oxford, the campus, which ranks third in the world for medical degrees, has six years of study duration, three years for pre-clinical degrees and the next three years for clinical degrees. Cambridge Biomedical is one of the educational centers for medical students on campus. It is the largest biomedical and clinical research practice in Europe.

University College London

One of the reasons why many Indonesian students choose to study medicine in London is that there are many scholarships. One campus that offers scholarships for international students is University College London. The programme, running at UCL, focuses on key health issues, clinical presentations and patient pathways. As a UCL student, you will enter one of the most prestigious medical schools in the world, as UCL has been training the world’s best doctors since 1834. Six of the students who studied with staff at UCL have won the Nobel Prize. This is due to the UCL research team’s findings on adrenaline, the immune system, the hormone aldosterone and autoimmune diseases.

Imperial College London

Imperial College London is ranked among the top 10 medical schools in the world. Medical studies on this campus are known for their combination of innovative and traditional learning methods. One of the strengths of this campus is the case-based teaching process and prioritization of the best patient care. The medical school on this campus is one of the largest in Europe and spans north and west London. Imperial College London also works with hospitals or clinics to support the learning system.

University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Medical School will offer an innovative and modern curriculum for contemporary medical practice. Edinburgh’s ultimate goal is to produce competent, ethical and caring doctors. During your studies in Edinburgh you will learn about various medical research and developments. Medical programs in Edinburgh are accredited by the General Medical Council of the UK and have been recognized by accrediting bodies abroad such as America, Canada and Australia.

How much does it cost to live and study in the UK?

The funds required to earn a degree from a university in the UK vary widely. Tuition fees for international students per year start at around £10,000 or around IDR 190 million to £38,000 or around IDR 720 million for a medical degree. The cost of living in the UK is quite high compared to other countries. But you may be smarter if you don’t live in central London.
The ninja way to cut tuition is to seek help in the form of scholarships. You can actually speak to the team at Hotcourses Indonesia about their study plans and find information about scholarships you can apply to help cut costs while you study in the UK. Keep fulfilling your dreams!

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