Becoming a politician and civil servant could be your dream. Contributing to the country for the advancement of the nation is a very noble and lofty ideal. If you look at the ranks of ministers in the current cabinet, there are a number of ministers who have studied abroad, returned to Indonesia and become ministers in Jokowi’s cabinet. Who are the clergy studying abroad:

Minister of Education and Culture, Nadiem Makarim

As a child, Mas Minister received his primary and secondary education in Jakarta. He then continued his high school education at the United World College of South East Asia in Singapore. After graduating from high school in 2002, Nadiem continued his education by studying at Brown University in the United States of America. Nadiem studied international relations at Brown University and even completed an exchange program at the London School of Economics in England during his studies. Not enough to earn a BA in International Relations, Nadiem continued his studies in the MBA program at Harvard University’s Harvard Business School, graduating in 2011.

Minister for Public Enterprises, Erick Thohir

Erick Thohir completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Glendale, United States of America. He then completed his master’s degree at California National University, USA, which he successfully completed in 1993. His major was business administration.

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani

Sri Mulyani graduated and received a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Indonesia (1986). He continued his studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA, and obtained a Master of Science in Policy Economics (1990). After that he did his doctorate. in Economics (1992)

Minister of Tourism, Sandiaga Uno

Sandiaga Uno graduated summa cum laude from Wichita State University, USA. He started his career in 1990 as an employee of Bank Summa. At Bank Summa he met and studied with the conglomerate William Soeryadjaya, owner of Bank Summa. A year later, he received a scholarship to continue his studies at George Washington University in the United States. He graduated with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 4.00.

Retno LP Marsudi, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Retno Marsudi was born on November 27, 1962 in Semarang, Central Java. She completed her high school education at SMA Negeri 3 Semarang before finally earning her bachelor’s degree from Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta. 1985. He then obtained a master’s degree in EU law from the Haagse Hogeschool in the Netherlands. In addition to his Masters in the Netherlands, Retno also studied human rights at the University of Oslo

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